Can The Lines In Your Hand Define Your Destiny?

Some people believe that the lines in your hand contain it all. Everything that you do and that is in stored in your future is written there in your hands.

Can A Parrot Predict Your Future?

Did you know that parrots could be astrologers too? The fortune teller lays down a deck of cards and asks his parrot to pick one of them.

Are Your Stars To Blame For Your Fights?

Your spouse may not be the only one to blame for lack of compatibility or your constant fights. Your stars could be responsible too.

Was Paul The Octopus An Astrologer?

If anyone garnered more popularity than the game itself during the FIFA world cup, it was no other but Paul the octopus. He may have passed away but his unique ability to predict the result of every match amuses everyone.

Can Palmistry Predict Your Future?

Talk about astrology and there are numerous techniques that could be used to predict your future, palmistry being one of them. This technique studies the lines of your hand to predict your future.

Do Lines In Your Hand Contain It All

Astrology is the science to know your future. You could know what your future holds through it. But, do the lines in your hands really contain it all? Well, some might believe them to be the sole judged of their lives while others have a different view point. But, the fact that you cannot deny is that your deeds define your destiny!

Learn The Science Of Electional Astrology

Electional astrology involves timing of events as per the astrological rules. Try using electional astrology to secure a favorable outcome in case you are thinking about marriage, some business venture, financial investments or any other major decisions. When planets are showing favorable aspects, you can pick the dates for your important tasks. It is recommended to select longer time period, if you want exceptional results. So here are a few tips that would help you get hold of the right time.

General Facts About Palmistry

An ancient practice that can aid in prediction of future, apart from astrology is referred to as Palmistry. Palm reading is a foretelling that makes use of the hand lines as well as the palm's markings to connect the reasoning of the mind with the heart's intentions. The basic theory behind palmistry is that the palm encompasses information about the personality of an individual, his physical body as well as the important occurrences of his life.

Helpful Tips For Astrology Learners

Astrology is a good career option. Nearly every person feels the need to know his future at one point of or other in his/her lifetime. Astrology is the art of understanding and interpreting the movement of celestial bodies and predicting their impact on the life of a person.

Astrology As A Way To Find A Good Life Partner

For years, a number of Asian cultures have used astrology to find suitable matches for marriages. This practice has been followed because astrology actually helps a person find a well matched partner for life. Various considerations and aspects of astrology are taken into account for this. It has been done in the same manner for centuries now and has not failed unless in exceptional cases.

An Introduction To Hellenistic Astrology

The ancient Greek civilization was among the most advanced of its times. It is now wondered as to how  the scion of this civilization, Alexander the Great, was able to conquer nearly two third of the then known world including the highly advanced and powerful Persian empire as well.